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We have continued to be innovators for our industry, with an entrepreneurial culture that is never satisfied with the status quo, for ourselves or for our clients.

Facility Lockers
Facility Lockers

From startup to scale up, we accompany the company of commercializing connected mailboxes through its development; building a proof of concept, then a Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) & the product in constant evolution. From Laravel development to IoT, we deployed a scalable and reliable product with the FacilityLockers team. Around 60 stations are currently running in Belgium, France, England, Luxembourg and many more.


We created and maintained the portal of the Brussels Chamber of Commerce, together with satellite websites and a multilingual member zone including a CRM. We supported BECI for more than 10 years with the developing of a complete CMS solution for managing their contents, articles, events and publications. We worked also on SEO, design and information structuration.


We developed a data management tool for the media agency, including predictive analyse & advanced statistic reporting, as well as a tool for the quote creation. We set up the the internal hosting and accompany them building capacity.


The national portal allowed the collaboration of different department to contribute to its content

Qatar Embassy

Internal management of the server infrastructure, secured emails and firewall set up

Costa Rica Embassy

Set up of the institutional website


Website & hosting setup and maintenance


Website & set up of an association management platform with a secured member zone managing the membership, certifications, invoicing and event. Set up the hosting infrastructure.


From Startup to 45 million turnaround in the tyre industry, we had an agile approach that allowed several pivot of the company strategy and the set up of different business silos in B2B B2C B2B2C. We deployed and maintain 80 platforms used by most of the automotive industry in Europe.


Multilingual product website and portal for eye care professionals


Students portal and courses registration. Support to events and open doors days with live streaming.


Institutional website


Corporate & product website B2C supporting teleshopping advertising.


Portal for receiving & managing CV’s in civil engineering. Connection with back office solutions.

Shell Gaz LPG
Shell Global LPG

We deployed a world-wide centralized solution for the creation of 25 national websites allowing the articulation of commun content and specific local information. We hosted and maintained the site that allowed as well on line order.

Portal for receiving & managing CV’s in civil engineering. Connection with back office solutions.

King Baudouin Foundation
King Baudouin Foundation

We deployed several websites for the Foundation at international level ea for the organization and registration at the KB Prize Contest and US KB Prize Contest.

Le Roy D'Espagne
Roi d’Espagne Brewery

Website & tourist showcase and internal documentation management

Snapstore by Cameleon

We created a tailor-made private flash sales website based on a back office solution that the shop managed in house. Its robust production environment managed sales campaigns, allowed heavy charges within very short periods. The site managed 1.5 million members and went up to generate up to 1 million turnover within a day.


Website presenting the sales locations, trademarks, and announce the next sales for company Famous Clothes, it manages the membership of 350.000 members


We set up an application for a document database specialized in euro-mediterranean & euro-arab relations as well as regular publications

Degroof Petercam
NIBC Petercam

We created an on-line portfolio management solution with an secured in house hosting solution

Finres SA
Finres Group

We created a complete e-commerce solution, ordering management, stock importation procedures and SEO campaigns